Friday, March 28, 2014

It has been a wonderful week so far! Ive been really working hard and have had some wonderful experiences! A couple of days a go we taught some real families from a ward nearby the MTC! First my companions and I taught the Bishop and the wife of the bishop, and we basically talked about her brothers that went inactive in the church and how hard it is for their family to see this happening in there life right now! I asked her if she had been married in the temple and she said yes! And then I was like well you and your husband have made the best decision you can do! I said to her that she would be able to see her brothers in the life to come even though they don't have the gospel in their lives right now! After that we taught a family of 5, they were so awesome! Even though I don't remember all their names, I remember that there names were really refined and so pretty! As we were talking to the mother she also said that her brother went inactive and she didn´t know why! she started crying and breaking down, I also asked her if she had been married in the temple and she said yes! So I got really stoked and told her that she would be able to see her brother in the life to come! after we had taught her I asked her if we could pray about her brother Serio, and she said yes! Ive never prayed so hard in my life, I prayed that he would come back to church, and feel the prompting of the holy ghost to live the true and living gospel once again! Wow that prayer was so powerful! And she was so greatful that I offered to pray about her brother! There was a devotional given by Elder Holland the other night and he said to "Speak With Thunder" and I definitely did. My love for this gospel has grown so much already, its time to make our words effective! Holland said that we were in the middle of the latterdays and the Hastening of the work is powerful! I have a strong testimony about the atonement and the love that our savior has for us! I know that Joseph Smith was a true oracle of God, and President Thomas S. Monson leads the only true and living church on this earth today!

 I´m about my Father´s business,

Love Elder Swensen

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