Friday, August 29, 2014

I loved my first area so much but now I'm getting transferred! It's going to be hard to say goodbye.

Aug 19 2014
Hola Socios!!!!! Que tal???? Everything is going so well here!!!! We baptized Ana Maria Mateo this Sunday!!!!! Man she is so solid! She has really been progressing since the first day we met her! Her favorite part about our teaching is the Restoration! She loves Joseph Smith, and she keeps telling us that the first vision is "beauty"! Her baptism was so boss! Nothing is more satisfying then bringing souls back to the fold of our heavenly father! I love her and I can't wait to go through the temple with her in a year! Elder Crockett and I went to her apartment last night to surprise her and I gave her a CTR ring! After I said Goodbye to her I started to ball my eyes out because I knew that I was going to be transferred! I have loved my first area so much and its gonna be hard to say goodbye to every one tonight! I love this Gospel and I love His work! The mission so far has brought me so much joy and happiness! I love all of you and all your support! As Cuban's say it

Voy Echando


Aug 25 2014

Hey Mom! I hope everything is going well! Im serving in the El Portal North (Spanish Speaking ward)! It's a super boss area, we do district meetings in the Miami Beach chapel! The chapel is right next to the water! Its amazing! Our house is so sweet! We live in little Haiti! Its so hood here! Yesterday Elder Cobabe and I were riding our bikes home from work 8:30 at night and there was this super bad car accident, as we pulled up to the street light there was a group of fire fighters that got out and one of them talked to Elder Cobabe and I and he was like "HEY do you know what neighborhood your in????" with scared eyes! Then Elder Cobabe responded " YA, we live here." non chaulantely hahahaha! and then we took off!!! It was hilarious, I just started laughing at the fire fighter as we speedily headed home! I have seen a lot of crazy stuff so far in this area! Ill save those for when I return home from service hahahahaha! Overall things are great! I saw my recent convert at stake conferenceyesterday so I was super excited! Ana Maria is so solid! I love you guys so much!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings Miracles"

Que Pasa SOCIOS!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well!!! All is well in the best mission in the world! This week we have seen some wonderful miracles! Elder Davy Crockett and I taught a really great word of Wisdom lesson with our boy Spencer! We committed him to stop smoking and to stop drinking coffee right then and there! So we took his coffee maker and cigarettes it was awesome! It felt like winning the NBA championship hahahahahah! It was dope though ripping those cigarrettes up! This week we are Focusing on finding a FAMILY and we have some really good ideas on where we are going to harvest and bring people to the Fold of GOD! Lately Ive been thinking about why its important to be exactly obedient to what God asks of us! We simply live the Commandments because we love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! And I can testify in the name of Jesus Christ that these things are true, and are here for us to return to live with our Father in heaven! I can see Jeus Christ standing there on the right side of GOD, and people will see, BOW, and know that he is the Christ the Son of the EVERLASTING ETERNAL HEAVENLY FATHER! I speek boldly of these things because of the Hastening of the perfect work of GOD! I love all of you so much! Strive to live the commandments that God has provided for you and know that he loves you very much! As a disciple of Jesus Christ I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.

Hey peeps, just here thuggin in MIAMI! This week has been super good! WE have 2 potential baptisms going down this week ,so we are super hyped! One of the recent converts in our ward brought a friend to church and she had a really wonderful spirtual experience! She got in contact with us and her name is Danielle she is super boss! we also set one of our investigators with a baptismal date last night as well! Her name is Ana Maria and she looks a lot like Madam Zaroni from HOLES! Elder Crockett and I always joke about that! "IF you don't come back for madam Zoroni, and BAPTIZE me your family will be cursed for always and eternities" hahahahahahahaha She is super solid, when we were talking to her about baptism she was like " Well I have been baptized in the catholic church but they only sprinkled water on my head, instead I want to be baptize like Jesus" elect SON!!!!  she is definitely up in this club! I love all of you guys for your support and prayers! Keep having fun and be sure to give someone a smile and hug for me hahahaha your boi

Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings Miracles

Elder Smith Chad Swensen