Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey everyone!!!! Its your boi Elder Swensen! This past week has been really rad!!! I love my area so much!!! This past week we got a lot of new investigators and 2 of my favorites is Mario and his wife!! Mario is around 20 years old and had a gnarly story to tell us about when he got shot 5 times and turned his life around after getting out of jail! While he was talking to me and Elder Anthony he basically told us that he needed to settle down and come unto Christ even more! He has a son thats 8 and a daughter thats 2!! They are both so awesome! For the first time I took the lead on the Restoration and just let go!!! It was so fun to throwdown with Elder Anthony! We taught it flawlessly and they really liked is a lot! They really enjoyed the First vison and the spirit was so sincere with us it was awesome! They are both excited about reading the Book of Mormon and Baptism! I love these guys so much! Rena our recent convert finally gave me a nickname/// Elder SWENSEN= California// Elder Mendenhall= Sugar shane shorty! She is so crazy but awesome! Our boy Willy is in a wheel chair because of some gang activity, he was also shot several times and lived! Hes dope though he always plays sicky music as we walk by// Especially RKelly- remix to ignition// its great though because he always turns it down when we need to pray with him and invite the spirit! Mike and his family are still doing great he got antied by his wife because the book of mormon is not the bible! But then we threw down on her and saved those baptisms because the power of the lord was with us!! Were hoping that they will be prepared to be interviewd this week so they can get baptized on Mothers day!! Overall just throwing down everyday! JT our new investigator is in this picture with me// we taught him about making righteous decisions and brought up the song "check yourself, before you wreck yourself" and he really enjoyed it! Hes making righteous decisons everyday! Girls keep staying sweet!

 Much Love Elder Swensen