Monday, June 16, 2014

"The Graveyard" is the area the locals call the projects Smith and his companion are working in.

Hey wazzzup PEEPS this week has been so wonderful! Miracles upon miracles! We have had so much fun! We have been throwing down on people in the graveyard!! PEEWEE also known as (5) came to church with us the other day! He has super high desires to be baptized this weekend! He also has a super gnarly tattoo of a bull skull on his forehead, its super scary! He looks like Antwan Dixon hahaha! He is super chill though! He really enjoyed church and he can't wait to come back to be baptized! Also I was able to baptize our boy William Palma from Venezuela! He is a super awesome guy, and is a really good artist! He wants to do baptisms for the dead for his brother and his father! He is really progressing!! After I baptized him I was like "This is what its all about" He gave me a big hug and said "THANK YOU BROTHER" Wow it was amazing, the spirit was so strong! His spanish is awesome as well he speaks spanish with a german accent because he is half german! It sounds super cool! 175 baptisms is our goal! We need to hit it by the end of this month, because our mission president is leaving! Lately were finding a lot of cool people and having lots of success! LETS GO! and make it happen! I also got the infamous posterity tie from Elder Mendy cause I got wet yesterday! I love all you guys for all of your support! Keep me pumped up! I also want to thank my Uncle Mike C. For sending his inspirational letter and package! He is so BOSS! I Love my Mom, my DAD, Sophie, Soladay, and Swenjamin Franklin//// God has blessed me with such a wonderful Family! I love all you guys so much! Girls keep staying sweet!