Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"I met Lil Wayne the other day, and he wasn't too hyped on us"

Meeting the mission President and his wife
Hey whats up its Elder Swensen!!!! Im in Florida and I like it, my area is so hood! I mean HOOD its so dope though! We came here to throw down! Elder Mendenhall is my companion and he is from LA and he surfs! the first time I met him he gave me a planner with a picture of Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith and on the back it has Ford  ripping! Its so tight! I love my companion already he is so boss at teaching! The past week we have been teaching a lot of families that are Black! And thats what I wanted!! Ive been speaking a lot of spanish though its a good mix, but mostly black! We have been teaching the Thompson family and they are so chill! Michael, and his family want to baptized on the 11th of may and they have a family of 7! Its time to throwdown! Im so excited to baptize, I cant wait for that wonderful feeling! JT and Rena are recent converts and they just got back from prison, its so tight to be teaching them, their place is so hood but they have the sweetest little girl she is so sweet! They grew up in the struggle with her mom being a complete crack head and smoking weed everyday! I love teaching those guys already! And I love that they love hiphop music and rap! I met Lilwayne the other day and he wasnt to hyped on us, he had some sicky grills though! The dogs here are so gnarly we peg them with rocks if they get to close! We had Elder Cook come to our mission and speak  with us, he is truly called of God. And after he talked I was watching him sing "I beleive in Christ" and I knew for a fact that this church is true!!!!!!! The spirit testified to me that this is Christ's church! And its time to be bold and throw down! So things are going good here and My companion and I teach with such unity and boldness and the spirit its awesome! I havent seen the ocean yet but I know that its there! Just know that I mean business in the hood and Im keeping it real with my companion and have been working really hard proselyting and studying and have learned so much!

Love Elder Swensen

New Florida Temple Just Built 44,000 people attended the Open House

Apostle Elder Quentin L Cook taught and trained them last week 

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