Thursday, July 3, 2014

Miraculous conversion and baptism for Magela.



Hey everyone its Elder Swensen!!!! Things are going so good! My love for this gospel has grown so much this 

past week! This week we were able to Baptize MAGELA HECHAVARRRRRIA! Oh man she is so rad! Elder 

Ward and I were able to meet her a while back for the first time! It was definitely a touching story when we first 

met her, we were on a fire exchange with the sisters and the last house we knocked was Magela! I remember 

when she opened the door just balling! I felt God's love for her and she knew exactly why we were there! I 

could feel the presence of the savior right next to Elder Ward and I!!! It was amazing what we spoke! It was 

pure doctorine and that invitation to be baptized! Oh man that day was amazing! Miracles!!!!! she was so elect! 

WE have two more baptisms lined up for this sunday! I'll keep you posted! I baptized Magela the other day in 

spanish and man she came right out of the water so flawlessly! Everyone this is what it's all about!!! No greater 

feeling in the world! I love all of you!!! Thanks for all your prayers! Stay sweet sweeties hahaha

Love Elder SWENSEN

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